This page provides updated information about class and exam schedule. Additional information about the course are available on the Department of Math website.

IMPORTANT: Newly enrolled students should check the OFA and Online precourse sections.

Accademic Year 2022/23

  • Calendar of the teaching activities
  • Class timetables for the First Semester (from 03 Oct. 2022 to 20 Jan. 2023):
  • Class timetables for the Second Semester (from 06 Mar. 2023 to 19 Jun. 2023):
    •  First year (TBD) at Università di Pavia 
    • Second year (TBD) at Università Milano Statale and Milano Bicocca

Accademic Year 2022/23

  • Winter session 2023: from 23 Jan.  to 3 Mar. at Università Milano Statale 
    • First Year (TBD)
    • Second Year (TBD)
  • Summer session 2023: from 20 June to 31 July at Università di Pavia
    • First Year (TBD)
    • Second Year (TBD)
  • Autumn session 2023: from 1 Sept. to 29 Sept. at Università Milano Bicocca
    • First Year (TBD)
    • Second Year (TBD)

For working students: justification form for taking an exam

The OFA (Obbligo Formativo Aggiuntivo, which means “additional training obligation”) is assigned to those who obtained less than 9/20 in the mathematics section of the TOLC test, or less than 510/800 in the mathematics section of SAT.
The OFA must be fixed before the end of the first year, otherwise the access to the second year will be prevented.
The OFA can be canceled in two ways:
1) by passing a specific test organized by the Calculus teacher or
2) by passing the Calculus exam.

The students who need to cancel the OFA are strongly encouraged to take the online precourse (see section below). Note, however, that the online test does not cancel the OFA.

A MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) in Mathematics is available, both in English and in Italian. Those students who have reported an “OFA” (“Obbligo Formativo Aggiuntivo”, i.e. a weakness in Mathematics) during the admission test are strongly encouraged to follow the MOOC.

The MOOC is hosted by the EduOpen platform, and is available at the dedicated website. To login you can use your unipv account (click “login” on the top-right, then select “Login con credenziali EDUGAIN/IDEM-GARR”, and enter “University of Pavia” in the text field).
You can also register and use a new EduOpen account, it’s free.